Business contents

IT Business Support

What do you want to do online? Shape your “interesting” into reality Redefine the industry with your own hands A well-established IT company that has been in the IT business since 1996 will help shape the future you want to achieve.

Food Truck Business Support

Facing challenges with your food truck? Food Truck Consultation Center Tackle your food truck issues together Delivering specialized information from food truck enthusiasts Elevate your food truck life to new heights.

Franchise Business Support

Launching franchises, arranging facilities Assistance in expanding your restaurant business Successful franchise launch requires know-how Establishing a basic supply network is the foundation of a franchise headquarters All of these provided in a packaged deal.

Fried Chicken Business Support

Research and development in the fried chicken industry Store establishment, customer attraction, flavor – whatever the challenge with fried chicken We’ll support you in any form with fried chicken-related issues Recipe development and production for fried chicken Also catering to store development and customer flow.

Model & Talent Support

Business For business owners and entrepreneurs Why not thrive as a model or talent? Elevate your stage to new opportunities At KRG, we manage models and talents primarily focused on company owners and individual entrepreneurs.


What you get by working with KRG

By utilizing the services of KRG Inc., your company will experience a multitude of benefits and advantages, such as:

  1.  Customized Web System Development:
    KRG offers the design, development, operation, and maintenance of web applications and sites tailored to your business needs. For instance, if you operate an e-commerce site, KRG can enhance user experience, develop special shopping cart features and recommendation systems to boost sales, and provide effective web marketing.
  2. Resolution of Business Challenges:
    Through our self-developed SaaS and ASP products, KRG addresses various challenges within your business. For instance, we provide cloud systems that integrate functionalities such as inventory management, customer management, and sales support, streamlining your operations.
  3. Proven Franchise Business Support:
    KRG provides support for franchise headquarters operations and model offices for business owners and self-employed individuals. If your company is looking to expand its franchise business, we can advise on successful franchise operation models, specific marketing strategies, and business strategies for improved performance.
  4. Adaptation to Technological and Market Changes:
    KRG constantly pursues continuous improvement and innovation to adapt to evolving technologies and market changes. We support proposals for business efficiency through emerging technology trends, like AI and IoT, and the development of services that cater to new market demands.
  5. Establishment of a Sustainable Business Model:
    KRG is dedicated to constructing sustainable business models. We assist in long-term business operation from a holistic perspective, including environmental considerations, well-being-centered sustainability, introduction of CSR activities to fulfill business model and social responsibilities. This could involve product development based on improved internal relationships, recycling initiatives, and participation in local community activities.

KRG believes in the success of our clients as our own success. Therefore, partnering with KRG becomes a powerful tool to maximize your business growth and success. Through strategies like productivity enhancement via technological innovation, rapid response to emerging market needs, and the establishment of sustainable business models, we will support your business in reaching new heights.

Let’s work together to create new value and unlock the full potential of your business. With KRG’s extensive experience and specialized knowledge, we promise to grow together as your business partner.